Here at Bellevue Master’s Commission we keep our students busy! Our daily schedule starts off with prayer, scripture studies, and worship. These disciplines are the core of our program because we believe that in order to love God, love people, and live our purpose, we must know who God is. We add a variety of different elements to our schedule such as leadership classes and creative tracks. Each week we have two discipleship times, one for men and one for women, as well as a chapel service for all of the students. All of these facets of learning play a critical part in the growth of the team and individual.



The campus here at BMC is both convenient and comfortable.  We are on location at our home church, Bellevue Christian Center.  The church provides us with an array of classroom and chapel settings as well as access to great resources and input from our pastors.  One of the many blessings our campus offers is the commute.  Housing is right next door! 



Bellevue Master’s Commission partners with Cornhusker Creek apartments, which are conveniently located right next door.  As a student you will be placed in a two bedroom apartment with three roommates. Each apartment is furnished with the major appliances and necessary furniture.  On the bottom floor of every apartment building there is a residents laundry room.  Apartment living at Bellevue Master’s Commission helps prepare students for the future by developing healthy living habits, cleanliness, and life skills.



“I’ve never been to Bellevue before. Is there anything to do?”  Being just five minutes away from Omaha, Bellevue gives you access to plenty of outlets during your free time. From parks, to coffee shops and local restaurants, to Omaha’s music scene, as well as one of the best zoo’s in the world, local art, museums and everything in between, Bellevue has much to offer for your downtime.