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Bellevue Master’s Commission is a nine month discipleship program.  We are a bit different than most post-secondary education options.  Here at Bellevue Master’s Commission we not only offer the academic side of post-secondary education through our partnership with West Coast Bible College and Seminary and SAGU, but we hone in on developing our personal relationships with God and learning leadership skills that will last a life time.

 Bellevue Christian Center, the home of Bellevue Master’s Commission, has a deep heritage of raising up leaders and we as Bellevue Master’s Commission are at the forefront of that movement.  We do this through teaching and hands on experience.  Leadership and academics are just a piece of Bellevue Master’s Commission. Our vision is ‘to see a generation love God, love people, and live their purpose’. With this, we make developing a greater relationship with God our greatest focus.  We do this through a daily schedule that prioritizes worship, prayer, and studying scripture. We also have a staff that takes the time to invest into students individually.

This is Bellevue Master’s Commission.

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